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Did You know?

  • Belize is a short 2-hour flight from the United States
  • Belize is the only English speaking nation in Latin America, enhancing your Belize vacation experience.
  • U.S. Currency is accepted in Belize. There is no need to exchange currency.
  • Belize is part of the British Commonwealth and is democratic. This law abiding nation has never had civil unrest and visitors feel very safe and welcome.
  • A top 10 World Dive Site, the Blue Hole is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Belize Vacations

Let Your Dreams Become Reality

Belize Vacations are Everything You Ever Hoped For: Great Natural Beauty, Adventure, Romance or Relaxing on a Warm Beach with Swaying Palms

Why Belize vacations are so popular: Peaceful and safe English speaking nation, unsurpassed beauty from the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean, to the lush green rainforests with cascading waterfalls, and many exciting activities - superb diving and snorkeling, zip-line, cave tubing, fishing, horseback riding, ancient Maya sites, and so much more. &

Whatever your preferences may be, we provide Belize vacations that are sure to fulfill your dreams. Our customized Belize vacations will meet your exact preferences and vacation goals insuring the absolute best Belize vacations available, and ALWAYS at the best rates possible. Our services are like no others, and there is no charge for the expert personal care we provide. Not only will you receive the services of a professional that knows every aspect of Belize, we will save you money.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

"The trip was great, the accommodations were awesome, and your service was spectacular."

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"We had a most wonderful Belize vacation. You did an excellent job of working with us on planning this vacation. I don't recall any other time when someone continued to be interested in us after we put our money down. We thank you so much for making the trip a memorable and enjoyable experience."

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Belize Vacations: Friendly and Peaceful Paradise

  • Fantastic Caribbean and rainforest resorts providing unique opportunities to enjoy your Belize vacation in a peaceful, friendly, and absolutely beautiful and private setting.
  • Belize has two very distinct regions - coastal Caribbean and rainforest. There are many off-shore islands; the most popular is Ambergris Caye. Unlike other nearby countries, it is easy to visit both geographical regions in a short time. The distance from the coast to the western border is less than a 100 miles.
  • Belize vacations offer many exciting activities that you will love including: zip-lining, cave tubing, canoeing, horseback riding, parasailing, diving, and snorkeling, and sport fishing to name just a few.
  • Belize diving is the absolute best. Belize boasts the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, with many unique and interesting dive sites that are rich in marine life and unusual formations.